Radical Iconic Italian Design

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The Superonda was born as a development of a prototype that appeared in the Superarchitettura in Pistoia, a cardboard and plywood prototype that is become unexpectedly a product. (G. Corretti, 2007)

Designed by Archizoom Associates in 1966 Superonda is one of the first sofa without a skeleton, a challenge to bourgeois conventions for a free way of living.

Designed by the group Archizoom Associati and one of the first sofas without a conventional frame. In the name of a freer way of living encouraged by its undulating surfaces, Superonda is intended to challenge middle class restraint.
Like all the objects designed by Archizoom, it aims to inspire creativity and imagination. The cardboard coloured prototype was exhibited in the Superarchitettura show in Pistoia, effectively the manifesto of Italian Radical Design. Its modular character and lightness allow its usage to be changed at will; it can be a bed, a sofa or chaise longue.