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Superonda Spots

by Paolo Deganello

Superonda Spots

by Paolo Deganello

Superonda Spots

by Paolo Deganello

50 pieces – limited edition
Dynamic sofa designed by Paolo Deganello

Designed in 1967 by the Florentine Radical group Archizoom, Superonda was the first sofa without a conventional frame. It is composed of two waves made from a polyurethane block cut into two parts with an S—shaped incision, which can be interlocked and stacked to produce different configurations. For its fitieth anniversary, Poltronova pays tribute to Superonda —an anti—design iconic piece of furniture that fully preserves its outrageously playful nature— by calling on all members of the Radical team to design a new, celebrative outfit for the six Superonda Specials:

Pois by Cristina Morozzi per Massimo Morozzi / No—Stop by Gilberto Corretti / Spots by Paolo Deganello / Stripes by Andrea Branzi / Dressing by Dario Bartolini per Lucia Bartolini / Babele Decoded by Dario Bartolini.


To request information, please write to info@poltronova.it, for a quote to sales@poltronova.it.

original project 1967 – Superonda Spots special edition 2017

dynamic sofa

240[l] x 38[w] x 100[h] cm

structure cut from a block of polyurethane
covering printed matte PVC coated fabric

yellow and black patches on greige

product leaflet | instructions


2018 Triennale Design Week, Triennale, Milan