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Superonda: Archizoom Associati


Centro Studi Poltronova per il Design (the Poltronova Research Center) was created in 2005, among other purposes, to build an archive of important documents related to the historic Poltronova brand. The research work has led to the edition of a series of publications of its most famous products, true icons of contemporary design. Centro Studi Poltronova presents a series of monographs dedicated to the most innovative design pieces that, together, contribute to constitute a micro-history of Italian design. This monograph of the series is entirely dedicated to Superonda, a sofa system created by Archizoom Associati, the Florentine studio which is considered one of the most important exponents of the Radical Movement of the Sixties.

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The monographs of Poltronova:
Donatello D’Angelo — Elisabetta Trincherini (edited by), Superonda: Archizoom Associati, Centro Studi Poltronova per il Design, Florence 2018.

— Elisabetta Trincherini, The big wave
— Centro Studi Poltronova, From the archive
— Pier Carlo Santini, Making furniture with… Archizoom Associati…
— Donatello D’Angelo, Elisabetta Trincherini, Bibliography
— Centro Studi Poltronova, Exhibitions/collections
— Donatello D’Angelo, Superonda Special
— Centro Studi Poltronova, 2018><1966 [Photogallery]
— Centro Studi Poltronova, Archizoom Associati
Francesca Balena Arista, From Superonda to Superarchitettura. A choral account
— Francesca Balena Arista, Interview: Andrea Branzi
— Italian texts

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