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Fabric designed by Archizoom Associati

«I have no idea how come, but I remember very well the reason why Massimo and I designed the fabric Le farfalle, “The Butterflies”, by Poltronova… The idea was to make decorations with flowers, but crossed with pop decorations, like Liechtenstein’s, that imitated printers’ designs, creating (in our intent) a contrast between the floral theme and the “pop” theme… In reality, the result was a lively fabric but not as acid as we expected; the “Over—the—Top Generation” of Archizoom was not yet mature…»
[Andrea Branzi]

A beat of the wings is enough to make the umpteenth version of the chair designed in 1966 to challenge conventions take off. In the butterfly and in the world of shiny sky, polka dots, chequered, flowers and stars, the anti—system art of American artists such as Liechtenstein and, more generally, of Pop Art continues to develop. The butterfly pattern, designed by Archizoom in 1968, was a reinterpretation in an acid, pop key of the floral theme that came from a much more composed tradition, and is now part of Poltronova’s nascent fabric catalogue.


To request information, please write to info@poltronova.it, for a quote to sales@poltronova.it.



polyamide and elastane fabric with polyurethane mid layer

multi-coloured pattern

product leaflet

Farfalla disegno

2022 5VIE Design Week. Milano Design Week, 5VIE Headquarters, Milan