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Milano Design Week 2022
Turn on, Tune in, Drop by… Design Variations by Mosca Partners
Palazzo Visconti, via Cino del Duca 8, Milan


Centro Studi Poltronova presents
SUPERONDA + TERRAZZO Archizoom Associati + Bethan Laura Wood
PLASMA Nigel Coates
ULTRAFRAGOLA Ettore Sottsass jr.
as part of a specific exhibition entitled “Turn on, Tune in, Drop by”.


A rococo palace as a home for the contemporary. To bring together values and aesthetics, symmetries and decorative games, radicalism and richness of detail, CENTRO STUDI POLTRONOVA will be meeting PALAZZO VISCONTI for DESIGN VARIATION as part of MILANO DESIGN WEEK 2022. SUPERONDA, PLASMA, ULTRAFRAGOLA are the three significant pisces chosen from the collection for their ability to enhance the genius loci and bear witness to the extraordinary workshop of ideas that the Tuscan company has represented in the world since 1957.


The special edition of SUPERONDA by Archizoom, in the new TERRAZZO version, the pattern designed by Bethan Laura Wood, definitively launches the Poltronova Research Centre also in the field of fabrics. This eccentric and multicoloured pattern is now in the catalogue and can be used both for the modular sofa and for other products. The evolution of Poltronova products, whose roots lie in Pop culture and design free from constructs, is in fact experimented with in terms of both form and materiality, which meticulous craftsmanship makes original and precious.

Touch is also the sense evoked by PLASMA, the armchair designed by Nigel Coates that expresses the English designer’s vocation for creating essential forms through digital design. The installation rewrites the place, it is the “variation” for a different interpretation of the space, which becomes one with the product. A transversal narration of great historical value.

The iconic ULTRAFRAGOLA mirror by Ettore Sottsass jr. completes CSP’s proposal for Palazzo Visconti. The exhibition “reflects”, in this way, the contemporary scene, with the old and the new as necessary and complementary factors for understanding the complexity of a design, an action, a theme, an experience, to make them live fully.