Radical Iconic Italian Design

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6–12 June
Milano Design Week 2022
Elle Decor Design Forever
Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51, Milan


Interior Design: Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla
Interactive Installation: KoKoscha Revival
Landscape Design: Marco Bay


Centro Studi Poltronova presents
MIES | SANREMO Archizoom Associati


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Hybrid Room

A seat dedicated to Mies van der Rohe, created in the year of his death (1969), and two light points to illuminate, ideally, the direction taken sixty years ago by the Tuscan company in interior design. MIES is made of a strip of para rubber or caoutchouc, resistant elastic materials, fixed to a chromed metal triangle that highlights the purity of the shape. The headrest cushion and the illuminated footrest are in pony skin. In its rigorous geometry, the Mies armchair synthesizes the philosophy of Archizoom Associati, leading exponents of the Italian Radical Movement, born around the second half of the Sixties. SPERA is part of a series of small mirrors and a photo holder by Superstudio. The series began with the idea of using scraps from the processing of marble. An operation of bricolage, rather than creation, as the Florence—based group stated at the time. Careful milling of the irregular marble piece makes it become the precious support for a mirror and for two sheets of methacrylate to use as a photo frame. Ofelia, Spera and Vanitas, ahead of their time, represent a project of transformation capable of granting a new, refined aesthetic to industrial scrap.


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Pure Room

The prototype of the SANREMO floor lamp was Dario Bartolini’s engagement gift to Lucia Morozzi, offered in the Roccamare villa, designed by Ernesto Nathan Rogers. Sanremo consists of a slender metal stem and a foliage, similar to that of a stylized palm tree, formed by lance-shaped leaves of transparent or fluorescent green methacrylate that radiate light. The PASSIFLORA lighting fixture originated from a cardboard model painted for the exhibition “Superarchitecture” (1966) manifesto of Radical Design. The cardboard was replaced by a material transparent to light, transforming Passiflora into a luminous column trunk: a column whose deformed shape oscillates between the natural and the artificial, in a game of allusions and ambiguity, corresponding to Superstudio’s declaration of intent, summarized in the text Design d’invenzione e design d’evasione.