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Perhaps influenced by my keen interest in marine biology, one summer morning in 1967 I dreamt of a shape half animal, half artificial. Once in my studio I immediately set to work, and built a model with several progressively lengthening

Founded in Florence in 1967 and composed of Adolfo Natalini, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, Roberto Magris, Piero Frassinelli, Alessandro Magris and Alessadro Poli (from 1970 to 1972), the group which continued to be active until 1978, carried out theoretic research

Superarchitecture is the architecture of super production, superconsumption, of the superinduction for consumption, the supermarket, the superman and the superpetrol. So reads the poster for the exhibition in 1966 marking the official birth of Archizoom and Superstudio, the two most influential

White body and yellow flower. Adolfo Natalini designed Passiflora, a diagonal cut at the base would give the object a pseudo natural state, somewhere between the artificial and the natural, in a playful game of illusion. It's a floor lamp,