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«When Roberta asked us to make a new outfit for the fifty-year-old Superonda, I felt a sense of happiness and festivity. It was a request that brought the original Archizoom group back together in a collective conversation and revived the memory of this game-job-story from fifty years ago; a much more interesting request than the tired reminiscences we sometimes read.

In the fifty years since then and the thoughts, stories and actions we shared, many things have come to pass.

One of them is that Lucia has left us and so it’s up to me to make an educated guess at what she would have liked. But she had so much freedom and imagination that this is an impossible task, as well as and inappropriate one. So I’ve chosen a trace of her, the happiest and also the most serious that remains. They are the stitchings she used with patience and devotion to make the clothes she designed starting in 1972.

Those colourful stitchings weren’t decoration, but the construction, the paradigm and the architecture. And so, with a put-down of fashion on one hand and a tribute to the materials that clothe us on the other, she dedicated her time to producing clothes made with austere fabrics, that she cut and assembled with rigour like the bricks in a building by Mies van der Rohe. She made clothes to show the world that we can do without fashion and, most importantly, as a mother and a woman, that we can dress our children, our friends and our friends’ children with our own hands.

And those strong, colourful, cheerful and sophisticated stitchings are the traces that tell the story of how an object is built.
And the other five of us (there were six of us in all), amused and fascinated by this unexpected further act of invention and devotion to design, accepted and took part in it with the enthusiastic approach that set us apart. Of course, each of us saw something different in that project, but the richness of the moment lay precisely in the sense of curiosity towards others and their work; towards the ability to appropriate the traces of others and tell the world that life and design are possible, with a renewed sense of material action.»


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